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Voice-Centered Relational Methods: Using the Listening Guide for Social Justice Research

October 25, 2021. 4pm–5:30pm (EST).

“Voice-Centered Relational Methods: Using the Listening Guide for Social Justice Research.“

ORGANIZER: Sue L. Motulsky PRESENTERS: Sue L. Motulsky, Brandon Jones, Kimberly Cherry, Renée Spencer


The Listening Guide is a feminist, voice-centered relational method for qualitative data analysis and interpretation developed by Carol Gilligan and colleagues (Gilligan, 2015; Gilligan, Spencer, Weinberg & Bertsch, 2003). It is an ideal method for psychological research, especially research focusing on marginalized/oppressed voices and for taboo or difficult-to-discuss topics. This method centers participants’ voices in the context of culture and relationship, making it a vehicle for social justice research. It uses successive listenings or readings of interview transcripts or written texts that attend to the interplay of multiple voices through various interpretive frameworks, drawing on “voice, resonance, and relationship as ports of entry into the human psyche” (Gillian et al., 2003, p. 157). This symposium presents the Listening Guide as a potentially powerful and psychologically insightful method that enhances qualitative data analysis through exploration of the participant’s portrayal of self, the conflicting or ambiguous voices present in human experience, and a deeper understanding of what can be said and known within the research relationship.

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