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Knowledge Production and PAR: Transforming Psychology Through Public Science

Friday, Oct 20, 2023 [4 to 5.30 pm (ET)]

In this first SQIP Virtual Salon in 2023/24, Sunil Bathia, President of SQIP hosts a conversation between Michelle Fine and María Torre, who will be articulating some of the key commitments and muddles of critical participatory action research projects crafted with/alongside movements for justice, in times of neoliberal shrinkage of the public sphere and expansion of the carceral state. They will address issues of history and structure as core to critical psychological projects: epistemic justice, "no research about us without us," and how we build participatory contact zones for inquiry rooted in the perspectives of those most impacted. Michelle and Maria will also discuss ideas on how we can produce materials from our inquiries that rupture the dominant lies (Martin-Baro) and provoke a radical imagination for what is possible.

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