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Curriculum at the Crossroads: On the Integration of History and Philosophy of Science in Research Me

March 31st, 2022. 7:00-8:30PM (EST).

PANELISTS: James Christopher Head, Javier Rizo, Neal Kingston, Lisa Osbeck, Joshua W. Clegg, Linda McMullen


Qualitative inquiry has become more normalized and institutionalized within psychology in recent years, which has ushered in a host of changes and challenges for instructors of psychological research methods and methodologies. As the field has become more methodologically inclusive, instructors of general undergraduate methods courses are confronted with a range of pressing questions (e.g., What investigatory approaches to teach? How to situate these approaches historically? How to help students understand these approaches in terms of varied epistemological positions?). In this salon, we bring together students and faculty members with varied expertise in quantitative and qualitative approaches to discuss the opportunities and challenges afforded by a more inclusive vision of research methods education. Our goal is to engage, spark, and facilitate conversation about how, as a discipline of researchers from diverse positions, we can fashion an introductory research curriculum for our undergraduate students that more effectively teaches them about psychological science.

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