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Welcome to the Society for Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology (SQIP). SQIP is a section of Division 5 of the American Psychological Association. We are a society that promotes qualitative research and aims to:

  • serve as a forum for enriching and reflecting on forms and applications of qualitative studies in psychology.

  • provide researchers and practitioners opportunities to share developments across a wide array of theories and methods (e.g., narrative, discourse, life history, phenomenology, ethnography, case studies, focus groups, visual representation, performance, action research).

  • stimulate deliberation on the methodological, theoretical, and philosophical status of such forms of inquiry.

  • invigorate innovations in qualitative inquiry.

  • promote the teaching and learning of qualitative inquiry.

  • encourage and facilitate the exchange of information with other disciplines engaging in qualitative inquiry and with qualitative researchers outside the U.S.

We invite researchers interested in qualitative research to join us!


Hopes & Goals : A Living Document

Qualitative research working for social change

Storytelling for social transformation

Provoke policy transformation

Acknowledge and contest gross inequities in the human condition Truth-telling as core to collective well-being

All psychological research is social: the problems we choose to solve have social implications

The current moment obligates us




Interdisciplinary solidarities & interdivisional alliance building Transnational and transracial coalitions

Build the relational capacities needed to make these solidarities Coalitions with scholars in Global South

Collaborate and merge ideas with APA Division 5


Empower methods for rethinking psychology

Transcend the academy toward a global canon of psychological knowledge

Acknowledge and reckon with psychology's racist and colonial history Critical science studies  

Interrogating the social, capital, and historic agendas of our research methods

Become a movement towards Intellectual activism explicitly



Support the generativity and creative flourishing of students and early career scholars

Give meaning, purpose, hope, and pride for those doing critical qualitative work

Offer a sense of community belonging

Eradicate the suffering of graduate students

Authentic & ethical knowledge production

Countering/decentering hegemonic Western science

Epistemic diversity/justice and multiple ways of knowing

Relational approach to knowledge production

Dismantle nexus between knowledge, power & capital

Acknowledge the ongoing work in Global South

Contest the canon

Empower public dissemination


Hands and Diamond_edited.png

Accompany students in struggle

Accompany communities and scholars under siege

Bear witness

Ask to whom we are accountable

Honor our ethical obligation

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