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The Politics of Decolonizing the Praxis of Psychology

January 27th, 2022. 2:00-3:30PM (EST).

“The Politics of Decolonizing the Praxis of Psychology.”

PANELISTS: Sunil Bhatia, Catriona Macleod Moderator: Jeanne Marececk


This virtual salon will feature a conversation between Sunil Bhatia and Catriona Macleod about the meaning and significance of decolonization in psychology, including how decolonization can be integrated into the praxis of research in psychology. Bhatia and Macleod wrote the first methodological paper on postcolonial research in psychology in 2008 (updated in 2017 with Shose Kessi as co-author), and also collaborated on a 2020 special issue on Feminisms and Decolonising Psychology published in Feminism & Psychology. This session will explore their professional trajectories as psychologists doing decolonial work in the field, the place of politics in psychological research, the similarities and differences between cultural and decolonial psychologies, and the possibilities and challenges implicit in the move towards decolonization.

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