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SQIP is offering 5 awards of up to $500 each to support graduate students who are currently enrolled in programs in psychology or related fields to carry out research projects based in qualitative approaches.

Applications need to consist of the following:

1) A brief description of the research (no more than 3 single-spaced pages, please, PDF format). This should include:

  1. A statement of the research question and its significance.

  2. A brief description of the approaches you will employ (a) to gather data and (b) for data analysisand interpretation. Please refer to the specific methodological framework(s) you are using andprovide citations.

  3. A discussion of your work and progress on the project thus far, including whether you havereceived IRB approval from your institution.

  4. A short statement explaining how this project relates to and advances both your long-termscholarly goals/interests and your field of study. (If you are in a department other than psychology, please include a brief description of the relevance of your research to psychology.)

2) A very brief curriculum vitae (no more than 1 page, PDF format) that outlines: (a) your academic degree(s), (b) relevant work experience, (c) training (coursework and/or previous projects) you have completed that has prepared you for this project, and (d) the date you expect to receive your degree.

3) An itemized budget that identifies the purposes for which you will use the funds (PDF file).

4) A brief statement signed by your faculty advisor or the faculty member who will supervise the proposed project. (Please provide that person with the fillable referral form you can download here, along with a copy of your proposal, and submit it after they have signed it, PDF format/scan together with your application)

Proposals may be sent to and will be accepted through Friday, October 13, 2023. Recipients will be announced by mid-November.

Priority will be given to students who are members of SQIP. Students who receive awards are expected to join SQIP if they are not already members. We hope that they might present their work at a future SQIP conference or publish a brief report of their project in the SQIP newsletter.

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