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Qualitative Research Across the Life Course

February 22nd, 4PM – 5:30 ET

“Qualitative Research Across the Life Course”

PRESENTERS: Bambi Chapin, Kelly Clark/Keefe, Stacy Giguere, and Hollen Reischer


“Watching Kids Eat: What Close Observation of Everyday Life in Sri Lankan Families Can Reveal about How Cultural Models are Transmitted” PRESENTER: Bambi L. Chapin, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Anthropology, UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

“Somatographic Assemblages of Young Adult Identity Work” PRESENTER: Kelly Clark/Keefe, Ed.D. Associate Professor, College of Education and Social Services, University of Vermont

“The Poetics of Childbearing: A Fusion of Qualitative Approaches” PRESENTER: Stacy Giguere, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Manchester Community College

“A Qualitative Research Agenda for Narrative Identity in the Last Chapters of Life” PRESENTER: Hollen Reischer Doctoral Candidate, Clinical Psychology, Northwestern University

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