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Explorations in Discursive Psychology

December 7th, 4PM – 5:30 ET

“Explorations in Discursive Psychology”

ORGANIZER: Laura Kilby PRESENTERS: Laura Kilby, Chris McVittie, and Rahul Sambaraju


‘I would have taken this to my grave like most women’: managing legitimacy of reporting about sexual harassment during MeToo in India” PRESENTER: Rahul Sambaraju Assistant Professor of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland / Wesleyan University, Connecticut, USA.

“Examining mental-state talk within everyday conversational debate: ‘Thinking’ rhetoric in UK talk radio” PRESENTER: Laura Kilby Associate Professor of Social Psychology, Department of Psychology, Sociology & Politics, Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

‘We need to get real and get after the hard issues not the soft ones’: puzzle-resolution and challenge in online discussions of racism” PRESENTER: Chris McVittie Professor of Social Psychology, Division of Psychology, Sociology, and Education, Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, UK.

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