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SQIP Distinguished Researcher Interviewer Series #2: Amedeo Giorgi

In this interview with Justin Karter, Amedeo Giorgi, Ph.D., discusses how he developed the descriptive phenomenological method, walks through how to execute the different steps, and provides tips for learning the method. This interview is part of the Society for Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology (SQIP) Distinguished Researcher Interview Series, in which graduate students interview pioneers in the area of qualitative methods in psychology.

Amedeo Giorgi, Ph.D., was a founding member of the first explicitly existential-phenomenological psychology doctoral program in the United Stated at Duquesne University. At Duquesne, he developed the descriptive phenomenological method, a philosophically rigorous qualitative research methodology. Throughout his career, including his time at Duquesne and Saybrook University, he has led the movement to redirect psychology away from a natural sciences paradigm toward a human science paradigm.

The interviewer, Justin Karter, is a doctoral candidate in psychology at the University of Massachusetts Boston, a student member of SQIP, and the newsletter editor for the Society for Humanistic Psychology.

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