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APA Book Series: Essentials in Qualitative Inquiry

Qualitative Essentials is a book series by the APA (2021) which provides a comprehensive but succinct overview of topics in qualitative inquiry. These books fill an important niche in qualitative methods for students–and others new to qualitative research–who require rapid but complete perspective on specific methods, strategies, and important topics. Written by leaders in qualitative inquiry including esteemed members of SQIP, these books are an excellent resource for instructors and students from all disciplines.

Each book is accompanied by a free video webinar about the method of qualitative inquiry, which can be viewed at the APA website:

  • Essentials of Critical-Constructivist Grounded Theory Research (Heidi M. Levitt)

  • Essentials of Critical Participatory Action Research (Michelle Fine and María Elena Torre)

  • Essentials of Conversation Analysis (Alexa Hepburn and Jonathan Potter)

  • Essentials of Discursive Psychology (Linda M. McMullen)

  • Essentials of Existential Phenomenological Research (Scott D. Churchill)

  • Essentials of Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (Jonathan A. Smith and Isabella E. Nizza)

  • Essentials of Narrative Analysis (Ruthellen Josselson and Phillip L. Hammack)

  • Essentials of Thematic Analysis (Gareth Terry and Nikki Hayfield)

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