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Gasson Hall, Boston College
140 Commonwealth Ave,
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


8:00 am 
& Refreshments 
Get settled in over coffee/tea
8:45 am 
Main Hall
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Sunil Bhatia, SQIP President
Zenobia Morrill, SQIP Conf. Chair
& Secretary
9-10 am
Main Hall
Puleng Segalo’s Keynote Address:
Love letter to psychology: Towards (re)imagining and dismantling established canons
10:15-11:15 am
Track 1
Main Hall
Feminist Activism:
Spaces for
Wisdom & Hope
Paper Panel Presentations
Decolonial feminist theory: Foregrounding the lived realities of marginalised Others

The process of transformation from hopelessness to hope in the colonized context of Puerto Rico

“The wind has already brought you what you asked for”: Creating spaces for wisdom sharing
Four Concurrent Tracks
Lutfiye Alie
José G. Luiggi-Hernández
Katia Henrys
Track 2
Room 201
Practicing amid
Precarity, Death, &
Threats to Human
Seismic shifts in the abortion access landscape: The abortion access worker experience

Stories from the Gay Men’s Health Crisis: Recalling the first 15 years of AIDS

Affirmative practice with LGBTQ+ people in South Africa

The double edged scalpel: The stressful nature of surgeon’s sense of responsibility and control in their jobs
Lillien Nathan

Sean G. Massey, Julia B. Haager, Casey W. Adrian, & Eden Lowinger

Sharon Horne, Juan Nel;  Azwihangwisi Mavhandu Mudzusi, Ashish Thakur,
& Rachel Heejin Noh

Leeat Granek, David
Barron, Abhaya Kulkarni,
& Agnes Wong
Track 3
Room 202
Femininity &
Maternal Identity
Using Textual-Visual analysis to explore South Asian immigrant women’s femininity

Gendering diaspora across generations:  Lebanese motherhood and daughterhood post-

Understanding Chinese mothers’ maternal identity in relation to other family members towards their children’s education

Sexual assault and the impact on identity and mothering
Nabiha Chaudhary &
Stephanie Lam

Janan Shouhayib

Si Wang

Madelin Cerullo
Track 4
Room 203
Resettlement, &
Experiences and
Making desirable citizens: Gendered and racialized excursions on the margins

Parenting mechanisms and changes in
interactions of families affected by migration

The intersectionality of social identities and bicultural belonging among Muslim young adults in Italy: An exploratory study
Özge Savaş

Erika Nayeli Clairgue-
Caizero, Gala Sanchez-
Arreola, Anel Ortíz-
Alavez, & Sarahí García-

Zainab Shabbir, Ughetta
Moscardino, & Chiara
11:30-12:45 pm
Three Concurrent Tracks
Track 1
Main Hall
Radical and Emergent
Perspectives and
Constructs in Critical

Chair: Michelle Fine
Sexual dissidence activisms in Chile, 1980 – 2000

“Antes todo aquello era monte” (English: “All
these were weeds back then”)

The inner-workings of The Shadows: Qeerling a historical snapshot of a rising Queer Pioneer

Carla González Paul

Juan Carlos Garcia

Christopher Jackson
Track 2
Room 201
Positions and Positioning
Analysis through Guided Conversations in Qualitative Psychology

Chair: Michael Bamberg
Guided Conversations with elderly hanging out at Dunkin Donuts

Guided Conversations between two women on their identities as mothers

Guided Conversations in interactions “found” in social media
David Soskov

Si Wang

Michael Bamberg
Track 3
Room 202
Expanding Narratives
about Transgender and
Gender Diverse People’s Lives

Chair: Kalei Glozier
Transgender and gender diverse people’s Perspectives on resilience

Exploring not-binary experiences: A qualitative inquiry within a classroom setting

Qualitative meta-analysis examining functions of gender in TNB identity development
Kalei Glozier

Ally B. Hand

Kelsey A. Kehoe
1-1:45 pm
Foyer &
Main Hall
Community Lunch & SQIP Presidential Trio Conversation
Sunil Bhatia, Current President
Deborah L. Tolman, Past President
Phil Hammack, Incoming President
2-3:00 pm
Track 1
Main Hall
Roundtable Dialogues
Engaging with coloniality in
psychology in the majority world

Four Concurrent Tracks
Moderator: Rahul Sambaraju
Kathia Arreola Rodriguez &
Kantadorshi Paramar
Track 2
Room 201
The entanglement of
identity and interiority - Does
qualitative methodology offer
Moderator: Martin Dege
Michael Bamberg & Corinne
Track 3
Room 202
Qualitative Careers in Psychology: Navigating Academia as a
Qualitative Researcher
Moderator: Deborah L Tolman
Donald Brown, Pani Farvid, &
Deborah L. Tolman
Track 4
Room 203
Transforming psychological
praxis: Doctoral students’ insights &
Moderator: Zenobia Morrill
Shubh Agrawal, Diana Inkova,
Devika Kataky, Joshua Finney, &
Eleanor Deveaux
3:15-4:15 pm
Track 1
Main Hall
Coloniality and
WEIRD epistemology
Paper Panels
Are self-report questionnaires in behavioral science too Western?

A Trojan horse: Critically exploring data as a colonial instrument during the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa

Transformative mental health education: IDHA’s core curriculum
Four Concurrent Tracks
Corina Weir, Lesley McGregor, Vivien Swanson, Lucie Byrne-Davis, David
Musoke & Nanyeenya Nicholus
Kyle Bester
Jessie Roth
Track 2
Room 201
Experiences of
Transcending the
Self, & Queering
The phenomenology of awe and self-
transcendence in psychedelic virtual reality

The phenomenologist as Indian yogi: Exploring phenomenology as a transpersonal method of inquiry through Hinduism’s epistemology of
divine revelation

Queering Spirituality: Excavating "Queering" through a Listening Guide Analysis

I poems: The past and future
Jacob Spinks, Kailie Kentopp,
Grace Petro, Mia Madrid, &
David Witherington

Nisha Gupta

Bridget Woods

Lori Koelsch
Track 3
Room 202
Conducting &
Publishing Qualitative
Realism as a stance for qualitative research

Integrative meta-analysis: Synthesizing quantitative and qualitative findings

Publishing characteristics of qualitative research literature on therapists’ experiences conducting psychotherapy

Reporting guidelines for ‘Big Q’ qualitative research: Values matter
Joseph Maxwell

Heidi M. Levitt

Javier L. Rizo, Heidi M.
Levitt, Zenobia Morrill, &
Bediha Ipekci

Virginia Braun & Victoria
Track 4
Room 203
Methods of Co-
Production &
Relational Inquiry
Trauma-informed coproduction with people experiencing homelessness in Brighton, UK

Interrogating inequities in cervical cancer prevention: Digital stories as relational inquiry

Neurodiverse Black-Canadian youth:
Phenomenological, intersectional
Emma Anderson, Mary Darking, Members of the Brighton & Hove Common Ambition Steering Group

Irina Todorova, Yulia Panayotova Tatyana Kotzeva Raya Mihaylova Rachel
Greenley Martin McKee The CBIG-SCREEN Consortium

Rashelle Litchmore, Adaku
Ohuruogu, & Liza Arnason
4:30-5:45 pm
Track 1
Main Hall
Critical Qualitative
Approaches to Girls’
and Women’s Sexual

Chair: Jennifer Chmielewski
Struggles for safety in young women’s
narratives of sexual desire

The haunting slut: How the double standard persists for girls

Women, sexual safety, and mobile dating during COVID-19
Four Concurrent Tracks
Lori Pasqualino &
Jennifer Chmielewski
Deborah L. Tolman
Panteá Farvid
Track 2
Room 201
Psychology Through
Reflective Research
and Inspiring
Emerging Scholars
Track 2

Chair: Elvina Le 
Centering the "I": Subjectivity in research on peer support specialists

From alienation to empowerment: Reflection on migrant scholars' teachings

Humanizing scholarship: Locating patterns of injustice in the personal
Eve W. Condon

Elvina Le

Shibani Chakravorty
Track 3
Room 202
Migrant Scholars
Researching Migration:
How Reflexive
Biography Shapes
Academic Practice

Chair: Jana Sladkova
Who we are: Claiming a scholarly self

Infusing my research Strategies with my teaching pedagogy

New academic self: Inspired by co-creating migration scholars researching migration
Andreea Deciu Ritivoi

Phitsamay S. Uy

Jana Sladkova
Track 4
Room 203
Epistemic Justice

Chair: Sam Keast
Voices of displacement: A methodology of sound portraits exploring identity and belonging

Brimbank LIVE: Using community radio to create sites and narrate stories of resistance

Unsettling the Illusion of Mastery:
Multimodality and critical listening
Christopher Sonn

Roshani Jayawardana

Sam Keast
5:45-6:15 pm
6:15 pm
Murray Room in the Yawkey
Athletic Center
*Community Dinner*
*~5 min. walk from Gasson Hall.
See campus map 
*Alcoholic beverages will be
available for purchase by credit card


8:15-8:45 am
Morning Refreshments
8:45-9:45 am
Main Hall
Urmitapa Dutta’s Keynote Address:
Dismantling the master’s house: Toward epistemologies of
resistance and freedom dreaming
10-11:00 am
Track 1
Main Hall
Roundtable Dialogues
Embodied Witnessing with
Refaat Alareer’s Gaza
Writes Back
Four Concurrent Tracks
Moderator: Urmitapa Dutta
Speakers: Alisha Solomon,
Gordon Crean, Jerry Pyrtuh, &
Stacy Seward
Track 2
Room 201
Meet the editors of
Qualitative Psychology:
Strategies for publishing
Moderator: Heidi M. Levitt
Speakers: Leeat Granek,
Elena Kim, Suzanne R.
Kirschner, & Linda M.
Track 3
Room 202
Navigating the qualitative
research landscape:
Insights for graduate students
Moderator: Laura Yang

Cristin McDonough, Faviola Robles-
Saenz, Graciela Segura, &

Sandy Cerda-Lezama

Track 4
Room 203
Qualitative inquiry through
the Psychological
Humanities: Opportunities
and challenges
Moderator: Mark Freeman
Speakers: David Goodman,
Zenobia Morrill, Karley
Guterres, & Taiga Guterres
11:15-12:15 pm
Track 1
Main Hall
Roundtable Dialogues
Being human in the age of
market and the machine
Four Concurrent Tracks
Moderator: David M. Goodman
Speakers: Louise Sundararajan, Matthew Clemente, & Mark Freeman
Track 2
Room 201
Disrupting silences and
epistemicide: Uplifting
Palestinian counterstorytelling as
Moderator: Ireri Bernal
Speakers: Shibani
Chakravorty, Najifa Tanjeem,
Alisha Solomon, & Gordon Crean
Track 3
Room 202
Reimagining psychology in
the classroom: Dialectical
tensions in the teaching of
qualitative inquiry
Moderator: Corinne Datchi

Corinne Datchi &
Kathia Rebeca Arreola Rodríguez

Track 4
Room 203
Reimagining psychology
for the Caribbean: New
approaches to theory &
Moderator: Sophia Morgan
Speakers: Sophia Morgan &
Tracy A. McFarlane
12:30-1:30 pm
Foyer & Main Hall 
Community Lunch &
Honoring SQIP’s Founders
New Directions in Qualitative
, a Conversation with
Mark Freeman, Ken Gergen, &
Ruthellen Josselson
1:30-2:45 pm
Track 1
Main Hall
Experiencing Academia: Confronting Institutional Violence, Embodying Possibility, Enacting

Chair: Gaurav Jashnani
Healing and transformation in Black student organizing: Advancing affective research

It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me: Psychology’s lament

Interview encounters: Making sense of “structural selves” through disciplinary reflexivity
Four Concurrent Tracks
Gaurav Jashnani

Emese Ilyés

Donald V. Brown, Jr.
Track 2
Room 201

Empowerment Among

Non-Binary and Non-
Monosexual Populations:

Historical Trauma and
Affirmative Care

Chair: Sarah VanMattson

LGBTQ+ affirming practices in assessment and therapy

Bisexual community: Visible in an invisible world

Exploring non-binary transgender clients' counseling experiences: Empowerment in counseling
Sarah VanMattson

Christine Serpe

Michelle Farrell
Track 3
Room 202
Addressing Troubled
Decolonial and Reflexive
Praxis in Non-Binary

Chair: Pani Farvid
Reflexive engagement with the Mirror Interview: Rethinking binary methodology

Naming, framing and questioning in a critical qualitative study on being young and non-binary

Opportunities and challenges of new
transcription technologies: Navigating Otter.AI’s
Paige Griffith

Pani Farvid & Cali

Vlad Nabat
Track 4
Room 203
The Listening Guide: A Narrative, Feminist,
Relational Method

Chair: Sue L. Motulsky
The Listening Guide as a Narrative, Feminist, Relational Method in qualitative research

Experiences and insights of transgender therapists in clinical supervision

Family Caregiving and Serious Mental Illness: Navigating Complex Relationships
Sue L. Motulsky

Kimberly Cherry

Lynn Sellon
3-4:00 pm
Track 1
Room 201
Solidarities & Social
Justice in Academic
Institutions and
Mental Health
Paper Panels
Understanding the experience of peer support groups in counselor education

Exploring social justice issues by affinity groups: A methodological approach

Addressing historical grounding of psychological knowledge in colonialism and racism
Four Concurrent Tracks
Adele Baruch
Susan Goldberg, Andrew
Sears, Lydia Stetson, Adair
Roberts, & Dasha Kotalik
Antonie Dvorakova
Track 2
Room 202
Lessons Learned:
Qualitative Methods
and Praxis
Conducting qualitative research with/on healthcare professionals and other elites: Lessons from two decades of research in the field

Using archives for qualitative social justice research

Social theory as practice: Issues and

An alternative, enactive approach to science
Leeat Granek

Susan Opotow

Frank Richardson, Kent
Higgins, & Robert Bishop

Mary Rees, Willeke
Rietdijk, Annika Lübbert,
& Enrico Fucci
Track 3
Room 203
Struggles to
Advance Human
The existing gap between the ratified UNCRPD and the architecture & language of exclusivity in India

Understanding self-care needs with women human rights defenders in Pakistan

Use of Institutional Ethnography for exploring psychological practices in Kyrgyzstan

Inclusion to revolution: Psychosocial disability advocacy and the transformation of mental health research
Sanchita Jain

Nabiha Chaudhary

Elena Kim

Justin Karter
Track 4
Main Hall
Narrating & Contextualizing Minoritized Sexual Identity Experiences
Narrating the development of minoritized sexual identities: A study of three generations

Qualitative Methodology for Mapping Family Systems and LGBTQ+ Digital Experience

"Don't say gay with a therapist face": Texan LGBTQ+ Latinxs and therapy 
Phillip Hammack, Logan Barsigian, & Bennett Hopkins

Zak Keith, Gabi Garcia, & Andriana Manago

Luis Alvarez-Hernandez, Bianca Villalobos, Juventino Hernandez-Rodriguez, Christina Logan, Joceline Mena Teran, & Sandra Mariely Estrada Gonzalez
4:15-5:15 pm 
Main Hall
Christopher Sonn's Keynote Address:
Co-constructing psychologies for liberation: Qualitative inquiry,
healing and epistemic justice 
5:15 pm 
Main Hall
Poster Sessions & Refreshments 
See below for Poster Presentation Titles
1960 Beacon St
Brighton, MA 02135
Student & ECP Social at Cityside Tavern
5:15 pm 
Main Hall
Poster Session

Birth Narratives and
Intergenerational Mothering

Samantha Barrett

Livelihood, Health, and Psychology
of the Third Gender Population

Ridwan Islam Sifat

They Don't Hear Us: Graduate
Experiences with Social Justice Issues

Nathan Smith, Maia King, LeAna
Norman, Leticia Berg, Miriam Boateng,
Susan Goldberg, & Amy Taylor

Collective Heuristic Inquiry: A Proposal for Group-Based
Phenomenological Research

Elizabeth B. V. Brisola, Alexandra
L'Ecuyer, & Floris T. van Vugt

A Qualitative Exploration of BIPOC Clients' Sociocultural Experiences in Psychotherapy

Karley Guterres, Usha Tummala-
Narra, & Pooja Aradhya

Faculty Mentors’ Influence on
Latino/a/x STEM Undergraduates’
Scientific Identity Development

Sandy Cerda-Lezama

Attachment in Early Childhood: Is
it Possible to Study Attachment
Security Qualitatively?

Maria McCready & David Witherington

Post-Migration Experiences of Iranian
Immigrant Women in the United States

Sima Taghizadeh & Jana Sladkova

Upholding the Political and Personal in Trauma-Informed Interventions

Ella Caruso & David Goodman

Silent Warfare: An
examination of the Stigma of Mental Health in the United States Military

Noah McManus

Could Humanistic Psychology Lay the
Groundwork for a “Humanistic Science”?

Ingrid Laas

History of Psychology Courses’
Influence on Students' Personal

Samantha Motola

A Qualitative Inquiry into
Oppression Perceived by Asian
American Youth

Soe Young Lee & Alex Eduarte

Survival Guide to Neoliberalism:
An Autoethnographic Account

Wai Fu

A Narrative Inquiry on Healing and Transformation Through
the Embodiment of the Dark


Elizabeth Pham


8:15-8:45 am
Morning Refreshments
8:45-9:45 am
Track 1
Main Hall
Roundtable Dialogues
Psychological inquiry and
its surroundings: Bringing
culture into the classroom
Four Concurrent Tracks
Moderator: Elizabeth Fein
Speakers: Linda McMullen,
Jeanne Marecek, & Elizabeth
Track 2
Room 201
Radical honesty: An in-
memoriam tribute to the
life and work of Dr. Miraj U.
Moderator: Sunil Bhatia
Speakers: Anthony J. Pavlo,
Nadika Paranamana, Nisha
Gupta, & Sunil Bhatia
Track 3
Room 202
Transforming knowledge and reimagining psychology through
generative collaboration:
Narrative identity, reflexivity, relational interviews, & Veterans’
health behaviors
Moderator: Cynthia E.


Deneé Thomas
Mwenwa, Robert Head,
James Miller, Mary Katherine
Howell, & Samantha Hack

Track 4
Room 203
Growing abortion power:
Psychologists role in
pursuing reproductive
Moderator: Brittany

Speakers: Laura Hooberman
& Frances Howell
10-11:00 am
Paper Panels
Four Concurrent Tracks
Track 1
Main Hall
Personal Accounts
of the Phenomena
Under Study
The beds we make: An autotheoretical inquiry into gender and class Identities

Self-inquiry and reflective praxis: Profiles and portraits in teacher preparation

Location and culture as colonial hubs in post-Apartheid South Africa
J Fergus Evans
Mona M. Abo-Zena &
Chris Martell
Danille Bester (nee
Track 2
Room 201
Narrative Analysis
of Identities,
Experiences, &
The "broken" memories of Brandi Carlile: A narrative identity analysis

The experience of being a twin: Diversifying the research

Narrative dialectics in twinship: Narrations of I/we, being/doing, and risk/safety

Emma Lombardo &
Jefferson Singer

Jessica Bush

Leo Kiralla
Track 3
Room 202
Inquiry that
Suffering &
Mental Health
Tension, release, and return: A
phenomenological analysis of self-harm

An affectively situated bipartite approach for questioning cognitive dominance in schizophrenia

Understanding strengths, challenges, and service needs of resettled Afghan children

Cumulative trauma in later life: The lived experience of the COVID-19 pandemic against the backdrop of ongoing terror threats
Austin Williams

Nadika Paranamana

Mary Bunn, Caroline Dilts,
Euijin Jung, Farhad
Sharifi, Ramsha Sohail, &
Theresa Betancourt

Gabriela Spector-Mersel
& Orit Nuttman-Shwartz
Track 4
Room 203 
Mapping the
Contours of Power
and Marginalization
with Discourse
Excluded from psychology? Experience from ethnic minorities in Hong Kong

Discursive constructions of political
masculinities by authoritarian populist leaders

Xenophobia and intersections in Youtube users' discourses towards the CentralAmerican migrant caravan of 2018

Dogs are conscious to a great extent vis-à-vis humans’: dog-human equivalence in negotiating culpability for dog-human violence in urban India
Fu Wai

Junix Jerald Intal-Delos

Erika Clairgue-Caizero,
Axler Yepez-Saldaña, &
Rubi Vasquez Meneses

Rahul Sambaraju
11:15-12:15 pm
Track 1
Main Hall
Roundtable Dialogues
Climbing the wall of
empathy: Challenges and
ethical practices
Four Concurrent Tracks
Moderator: Varnica Arora
Speakers: Jeanne Marecek,
Michelle Fine, & Krystal
Track 2
Room 201
From performative to
declarative identity: How
do we come to be and to
know who we are?
Moderator: Amy Taylor
Speakers: Speakers: Francesca Girod,
Jeffrey Zeuner, Nathan Smith, Godhuli Bhattacharya, & Grier Potter
Track 3
Room 202
Centering young children:
Enhancing quality and
ecologically valid research
Moderator: Mona M. Abo-


Serra Acar,
Katherine Volk, & Merril Miceli

Track 4
Room 203
Gender & Sexuality in
Psychology: Behind the
scenes with ECP co-editors
of a special issue
Moderator: Zenobia Morrill
Speakers: Sofia Rietti, Karley
Guterres, Ally Lynch, &
Zenobia Morrill
12:30-1:30 pm 
Main Hall
Molly Andrews’ Keynote Address:Conversations through the years: Narrative accounts of biographical and historical
transformation in East Germany
1:30-1:45 pm 
Main Hall
Conference Closing Remarks
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